300V, 1.5A Wide Bandwidth Amplifier with High Slew Rate

  • High voltage – 300V
  • High output current – 1.5A continuous
  • High slew rate – 250V/µs
  • 70W dissipation capability
  • 175MHz gain bandwidth

The PA96 is a 300V, 1.5A power operational amplifier featuring a very high 250V/µs slew rate and 175MHz of gain bandwidth. Targeted applications include piezoelectric drives, magnetic deflection, and programmable power supplies.

For optimum linearity, the output stage of the PA96 is biased for Class A/B operation. External compensation provides user flexibility in maximizing bandwidth at any gain setting. The safe operating area (SOA) for this device can be observed for all operating conditions by selection of user programmable current limit resistors.

The PA96 is a hybrid product design housed in an electrically isolated, hermetically sealed, 8-pin TO-3 isolated metal package. For continuous operation under load, a heatsink of proper rating is recommended.

Variant Temp Range (°C) Package Option
PA96CE -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3

See how the PA96 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits.