Lithography System

Electromagnetic, electrostatic and dynamic focus control are the most common deflection applications for Apex Microtechnology power operational amplifiers. These devices deliver exceptional combinations of high speed, high current and high voltage operation. A design rule of thumb for deflection circuits is to select an amplifier with a minimum slew rate equal to 10 times faster than the desired slew rate to ensure crisp settling performance. For electromagnetic deflection, a combination of high speed and high current is the optimal combination, along with an extended supply range, so the amplifier can slew the current in the yoke rapidly. High-voltage operational amplifiers are best suited to electrostatic deflection and/or focus. Apex Microtechnology brand products offer slew rate performance from a low of 100 V/µs to an industry first 3,000 V/µs for a single-package solution. Operating voltages range from 50 V to 450 V single supply, and output current capabilities range from .04 A to 15 A.

  • More than 20 models of high-speed operational amplifiers
  • High output current capabilities
  • Wide supply voltage operation
  • Circuit protection built in
  • IC, hybrid and open frame module product designs