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    Low Noise Density PA194 POA with 1700 V/μs Slew Rate,
    900 V Voltage Supply and 100 mA Continuous Output Current
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    4A/10A Multi-Purpose Power Amplifier ICs
    in Ultra Compact QFP Packaging
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    Different Print heads, Different Drivers
    Drive Ricoh, Samba and Similar Print Heads
    with the MP106 or MP204 Power Amplifiers
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    Power Analog Design ... Made Simple!
    Select an Amplifier, Plot SOA Load Lines,
    Calculate Power Dissipation ... and More!

Power Op Amps

PWM Amplifiers

Voltage References

Power Design Software Tool   Download

Download the Power Design Software Tool to assist with resolving key design challenges and calculations associated with power analog circuits.


New Products

MP106 / MP204
Drive Ricoh, Samba and Similar Print Heads

  • Drive negative voltages up to -36 volts across dynamically changing loads of 0-540 nF (MP106)
  • 4-Channel Amplifier (MP204)
  • High current 30 A PULSED (MP106)
  • High current 7.5 A PULSED per channel (MP204)
  • Drive piezoelectric capacitive loads for inkjet printer heads