The Apex Microtechnology product family of high-voltage operational amplifiers is a leading choice across the medical OEM for driving the high voltage circuits typically found in analysis, surgical, imaging and cleaning equipment. These products include high-voltage linear and high-voltage pwm amplifiers available in commercial, industrial and high reliability grades to deliver maximum performance in cost effective, off-the-shelf, single package designs.

Apex Microtechnology offers more than 50 models of power operational amplifiers for use as high-voltage drivers in popular applications that include programmable power supplies, pin drivers and waveform generators.

A programmable current source is a common circuit for linear control of a valve.

Electromagnetic, electrostatic and dynamic focus control are the most common deflection applications for Apex Microtechnology power operational amplifiers.

The Apex Microtechnology product family of high-voltage and high-speed linear power amplifier are the solutions of choice for piezoelectric driver applications for more than 25 years.