350kHz, 5A, 20V/µs, Class A/B Power Amplifier in PowerSIP

  • High power bandwidth – 350kHz
  • High slew rate – 20V/µs
  • High output current – 5A PEAK
  • Fast settling time – 600ns
  • Low crossover distortion – Class A/B
  • Low internal losses – 1.2V at 2A
  • Low input bias current – FET input
  • Isolated case – 300 VDC

 PA16 Data Sheet

The PA16 is a wideband power operational amplifier featuring 350kHz of power bandwidth and 5A of output current. Target applications include driving resistive, inductive and capacitive loads such as motors, magnetic deflection and power transducers.

A complementary “collector output” stage can swing close to the supply rails and is protected against inductive kickback. For optimum linearity, the output stage is biased for Class A/B operation. The safe operating area (SOA) can be observed for all operating conditions by selection of user programmable current limit resistors (down to 10mA). Internal compensation is provided, but the PA16 is not recommended for use as a unity gain follower.

The PA16FLA is the A grade version providing enhance performance in the areas of offset voltage, offset current, bias current, and voltage swing. The PA16 series is a hybrid product design housed in an electrically isolated 12-pin PowerSIP package. For continuous operation under load, a heatsink of proper rating is recommended.

Vehicular Sound System Power Stage
Variant Vos (mV) IB (pA) IIO (pA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option
PA16 10 200 100 -25 to 85 12-pin SIP DP
PA16A 3 100 50 -25 to 85 12-pin SIP DP
PA16EE 10 200 100 -25 to 85 12-pin SIP EE (formed leads)