100V, 5A, High Temp Power Amplifier with High Gain Bandwidth

  • Gain bandwidth product – 4MHz
  • Temperature operating range – -55°C to +125°C (PA10A)
  • Excellent linearity – Class A/B output
  • Voltage supply operation – ±10V to ±50V
  • High output current – 5A PEAK
  • SMD #: 5962-9082801HXA
Apex Microtechnology's PA10, a 100 V, 5 A High Temp Power Amplifier with High Gain Bandwidth

The PA10 is a 5A, 100V power operational amplifier with an exceptional 4MHz of gain bandwidth product. Target applications include driving resistive, inductive and capacitive loads such as motors, magnetic deflection, and programmable power supplies.

For optimum linearity, especially at low levels, the output stage is biased in the Class A/B mode. The safe operating area (SOA) can be observed for all operating conditions by selection of user programmable current limit resistors, and the amplifier is internally compensated for all gain settings.

The PA10A is the A grade version providing enhance performance in the areas of offset voltage, offset current and bias current. The PA10M/883 is the fully certified military grade version. The PA10 series is a hybrid product design housed in an electrically isolated, hermetically sealed 8-pin TO-3 metal package. For continuous operation under load, a heatsink of proper rating is recommended.

PA10M/883 SMD #: 5962-9082801HXA

Variant +VS to -VS (V) Vos (mV) IB (nA) IIO (nA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option MIL-PRF-38534 Purchase
PA10 90 6 30 30 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3 - BUY NOW
PA10A 100 4 20 10 -55 to 125 8-pin TO-3 - BUY NOW
PA10M 90 12 30 30 -55 to 125 8-pin TO-3 - BUY NOW
PA10M/883 90 12 30 30 -55 to 125 8-pin TO-3 compliant BUY NOW

PA10M/883 SMD #: 5962-9082801HXA

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