Power Op Amp Combines 2100 V/µs Slew Rate, 900 V Supply Operation with Low Noise Density for Applications Demanding High Speed and High Accuracy

  • Very low noise density -- ∼4 nV/√Hz @ 10 kHz (typical)
  • High slew rate – 2100 V/µs
  • High supply voltage operation – 900 V
  • Output current – 100 mA continuous, 200 mA peak

The PA194 is a refined implementation of the PA94 power operational amplifier, capable of providing higher speed at 2100 V/µs and very low noise of ∼4 nV/√Hz @ 10 kHz (typical). It is ideal for applications where high-speed analog precision is paramount for system operation. Working with voltages of up to 900 V, the PA194 can provide 100 mA of continuous output current. The amplifier consumes ∼4 mA of quiescent current in an integrated standby mode for increased efficiency. The PA194 is housed in an 8-pin power SIP package with heat tab to require minimal board space and facilitate ‘easy’ heat sinking.

Variant Output Current, Continuous Supply Voltage Slew Rate Purchase
PA194 100 mA 900 V 2100 V/µs BUY NOW
PA94 100 mA 900 V 700 V/µs BUY NOW

See how the PA194 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits.