1A/4A, 200V High Density,
Multi-Purpose Power Amplifier IC

  • Low cost, monolithic IC
  • High continuous output current – 1A
  • High PEAK output current – 4A
  • High supply voltage operation – 200V
  • Internal power dissipation – 28W
  • Temperature compensated current limit with over-current flag
  • Surface mount QFP style package with heat slug on top for efficient heat sinking of multiple devices

 PA164 Data Sheet

 Product Overview Video

PA165, a sibling of PA164, provides 4 A continuous (10 A peak) in the same package. Information on PA165 can be found here.

The PA164 is a high density power amplifier IC that utilizes MOSFET technology and a proprietary silicon design to deliver new benchmarks in performance and thermal management for power amplifier ICs. With a footprint measuring just 22mm x 22mm, this device is capable of providing 1A output current continuously, and up to 4A PEAK on voltage supplies up to 200V. The PA164 uses separate supplies for the amplifier core and the output stage to help optimize overall power dissipation capabilities of 28W of internally generated heat. Thermal efficiency is further enhanced by the PQ style package featuring a heat slug on top that simplifies the mounting of a single heatsink over a single IC or an “array” pattern of these devices. Onboard protection for the PA164 includes a user-defined, temperature compensated current limit and a temperature sensor output. The addition of an output disable function and an over current flag simplify the implementation of robust failure protections on the system level.

Floating Load Voltage-to-Current-Conversion Circuit
Variant Output Current Continuous Output Current PEAK Purchase
PA164 1A 4A
PA165 4A 10A