10A, 200V, Low Cost, Open Frame Power Amplifier with High Power Dissipation

  • High internal power dissipation – 125W
  • High voltage operation – 200V
  • High output current – 10A PEAK
  • High slew rate – 10V/µs
  • Four wire current limit sensing
  • Optional boost voltage inputs

 MP38 Data Sheet

The MP38 is a 10A, 200V power operational amplifier constructed as a surface mount “open frame” board level module to provide a cost effective solution for motor control and transducer applications. The metal substrate construction of the MP38 provides power dissipation up to 125W. The MP38 offers outstanding performance for operation in the industrial temperature range that rivals more traditional, more expensive hybrid components and can prove to be an excellent substitution when operating environments are less rigorous.

The MP38 operates on power supply voltages up to ±100V (200V total). Optional boost voltage inputs allow the small signal portion of the amplifier to operate at higher supply voltages than the high current output stage. External compensation with the MP38 provides flexibility in choosing bandwidth and slew rate for the application. A four-wire sense technique allows current limit without the need to consider internal or external mili-ohm parasitic resistance in the output line. An Iq pin is available which can be used to shut off the quiescent current in the output stage. The output stage then operates as Class C and lowers quiescent power dissipation. This is useful in applications where output crossover distortion is not important.

The MP38A is the A grade version offering enhanced performance in the areas of offset voltage, offset current and bias current.

Ultrasonic drive
Variant Iout (Continuous) (A) Vos (mV) IB (pA) IIO (pA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option Purchase
MP38CL 10 max 10 200 50 -40 to 85 30-pin DIP CL
MP38CLA 11 max 3 100 30 -40 to 85 30-pin DIP CL