100V, 20A, Low Cost, Open Frame PWM Amplifier with Variable Switching Frequency

  • Variable switching frequency – up to 50kHz
  • High voltage operation – 100V
  • High output current – 20A continuous, 30A PEAK
  • High power output capability – 2kW
Apex Microtechnology's MSA240, a 100 V, 20 A Open Frame PWM Amplifier with Variable Switching Frequency

The MSA240 is a 20A (30A PEAK), 100V pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifier constructed as a surface mount, “open frame” board level module to provide a cost-effective solution for motor control applications. The MSA240 offers outstanding performance that rivals more traditional, more expensive hybrid components and can prove to be an excellent substitution when operating environments are less rigorous.

The MSA240 is a complete PWM amplifier including an oscillator, comparator, error amplifier, current limit comparators, a 5V reference, a smart controller, and a full-bridge MOSFET output circuit. A variable switching frequency is user programmable up to 50kHz. The MSA240 is built on a thermally conductive, but electrically insulating, substrate that can be directly mounted to a heatsink.

Variant Temp Range (°C) Package Option
MSA240KC -40 to 85 58-pin DIP KC

See how the MSA240 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits. Apex Microtechnology's Power Design Tool