350V Low Noise Power Amplifier

  • Voltage supply operation - 350V
  • Low 12µV RMS noise at 20kHz bandwidth
  • Low voltage offset 5mV typical at +25°C
  • Single (PA441DF/PA441DW) or dual amplifier design (PA443DF)
  • High output current - 120mA PEAK
  • Low quiescent current – 2.2mA typical
Apex Microtechnology's PA441/443, a 350 V Low Noise Power Amplifier

Representing a fourth product iteration, the PA44X series provides next generation performance based on the PA34X product family (no longer supported for design in). These new IC designs leverage improvements in a specialty high voltage process to provide a staggering 96 percent reduction in signal noise and an equally impressive 2X improvement on offset voltage. For piezo positioning applications, a low noise rating of 12µV RMS at 20kHz bandwidth (Cc = 68pF) makes the PA441DF/PA441DW/PA443DF the amplifiers of choice to drive high voltage, fine motion systems. In terms of offset voltage performance, 5mV at 25°C typical is the new specification, with just 20mV at full operating temperature range (-40°C to +125°C).

All three ICs operate on a wide voltage supply ranging from ±10V to ±175V, and up to ±330V in bridge configuration. This level of performance is still considered an industry best for a power amplifier IC. The PA441DF/PA441DW are single channel models and will deliver 60mA of output current continuously, and up to 120mA PEAK, while exhibiting a very low 2.2mA of quiescent current. The dual-channel PA443DF will double the output current performance.

Variant Vos (mV) IB (pA) IIO (pA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option Power Dissipation (W) Purchase
PA441DF 20 200 200 -25 to 85 24-pin MO-166 12 BUY NOW
PA441DW 20 200 200 -25 to 85 10-pin SIP DW 9 BUY NOW
PA443DF 20 200 200 -25 to 85 24-pin MO-166 (dual OpAmp) 12 BUY NOW

See how the PA441/443 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits. Apex Microtechnology's Power Design Tool