350V, 120mA PEAK Dual Power Amplifier

  • No longer supported for design in. Please see PA443.

 PA343 Data Sheet

The PA343DF is a low cost, high voltage power amplifier. This dual high voltage MOSFET operational amplifier achieves performance features previously found only in hybrid designs while increasing reliability. By placing two amplifiers in a single package, the result is a cost effective solution to applications where multiple amplifiers are required. Inputs are protected from excessive common mode and differential mode voltages. The safe operating area (SOA) has no secondary breakdown limitations and can be observed with all type loads by choosing an appropriate current limiting resistor. External compensation provides the user flexibility in choosing optimum gain and bandwidth for the application.

The PA343DF is packaged in a 24-pin PSOP (JEDEC MO-166) package with a metal heat slug that is isolated in excess of full supply voltage.

Bi-directional Speed Control from a Single Supply