2-Channel High Output Power Amplifier Print Head Driver

  • Optimized Solution to Drive Dynamic Capacitive Loads
  • Peak Output Current: 21A
  • Slew Rate: 100V/µs (at 180nF load)
  • Maximum Pulse Voltage: up to ±60V (with boost supplies)
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 30-pin Open Frame Package

 MP206 Data Sheet

The MP206 is a 2-channel high output power amplifier for driving capacitive loads such as piezo devices used in inkjet printing applications. The amplifier provides flexibility in output drive; it can provide positive or negative pulses to a constantly changing number of piezo nozzles. MP206 is built on a thermally conductive, but electrically isolated substrate, delivering high power in a very compact module. The amplifier gain is fixed at approximately 19.85V/V in non-inverting mode (or -15.7V/V for inverting mode). It is optimized to achieve a 0 to 40V (or -40 to 0V) output voltage swing. A combination of internal and external compensation allows MP206 to be tailor-fit to any of the print heads listed above, providing optimum slew rate and ensuring stability. Auxiliary voltages (+VB and -VB) for the amplifier stage are used to reduce the power loss in the output drivers.

Piezo inkjet print head driver with negative output pulses