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10A H-Bridge Motor Driver ICs

The SA160DP and SA160DPA are low cost, complete H-bridge, Class D “switching” amplifiers for driving brush-type motors and reactive loads. These full-bridge amplifiers can operate on supplies up to 80V while providing up to 10A continuous output current with the standard model SA160DP, and up to 14A continuous with the A Grade SA160DPA. As follow-on products to the Apex Microtechnology SA60 H-bridge motor driver, both the SA160DP/SA160DPA are designed with very low RDS(ON), a typical 140mΩ over the full -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range, resulting in nearly 50 percent less heat dissipation. Switching frequency for the SA160DP/SA160DPA can be internally generated, and is programmable up to 125kHz using an external integrator capacitor. Both devices can also be controlled by external switching signals up to 250kHz. Simultaneous directional and amplitude control can be achieved using an external TTL-compatible PWM signal. Power delivery to the load is an impressive 800W with 97% output efficiency for the standard grade and up to 1.2kW with the SA160DPA. Housed in the same 12-pin PowerSIP package as the SA60, the SA160DP/SA160DPA are drop-in, pin compatible replacements.




  • Maximum Supply Voltage up to 80V
  • 10A (SA160DP) Continuous Output Current, 14A (SA160DPA)
  • Power Delivered to Load 800W (SA160DP), 1.2kW (SA160DPA)
  • Switching Frequency 45 kHz (typical), 250 kHz (maximum)
  • 140mW (typical) RDS (on), both MOSFETs
  • Output Efficiency 97% (typical)
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